I will be updating this section weekly so you can track my progression of my health-related goals. To start off, here are my current measurements:

Height: 6’1″  Weight: 177 lbs.  BMI: 23.2  Body Fat: 10.5%

Summer 2014 - 180 lbs.

June 2014 – 180 lbs.

Summer 2013 - 220 lbs.

June 2013: 220 lbs

To track these measurements, I have been  using the Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor. Thankfully at the LA Fitness I work out at, the personal trainers have them at their desk and let me use it for free so make sure to ask your gym if they have them to use. They aren’t the most accurate, but something is better than nothing in my experience.

Weight - MyFitnessPal



All of these charts are taken from my diary at MyFitnessPal
Body Fat - MyFitnessPal

This article from NerdFitness does a good job showing pictures of body types with different types of body fat percentages to help you set your own goals.

BMI - MyFitnessPal

To check your Body Mass Index (BMI), I use the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website’s calculator.CDC Adult BMI Calculator

These two measurements are easy and free so that is why I am encouraging you to start here. With everything, there are many other things you can track such as cholesterol, blood pressure and fasting blood glucose, but those will need to be done by professionals.



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