What To Expect

Hello ambitious people of the good world!

My name is Brandon and I have been working to become a better, more efficient and effective person. More specifically, I have been working on three areas of my life that I want to master: health, personal finances and professional skills.

Here you will find my experiences, both successes and failures, so that we can learn and grow as a group. I hope that my thoughts will encourage discussion while providing an outlet for you to bring ideas to this blog to be featured.

I will also be opening up my social media sites to add extra content beyond the blog. Here is what I will focus each site on:

  • LinkedIn: professional and casual connections
  • Twitter: personal interests such as soccer, entrepreneurship and friendly banter with people
  • Instagram: photos mainly revolving around my experiences and lots of cooking pictures
  • Pinterest: recipes and fashion ideas
  • Foursquare: reviews and tips for places I visit
  • Snapchat: random acts of spontaneity (add me “bbbusbee”)

Lastly I would like to end with some honesty and a personal request from you all. Part of the reason I am opening up my life and experiences is so I can lean on you all to help me follow through on goals and projects that I start. This is the trade-off for you getting an inside look at my journey and I promise not to make this one-sided, so I am asking you to do the same. Please do not just consume without giving feedback, ideas or just a casual hi! This will help me to keep the content valuable for you guys as well.

Here is a toast to the start of a long, prosperous journey!